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Modeling A Sci-Fi Icosphere In Blender

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This course was recorded using an older version of Blender. This means that if using the latest version of Blender please expect there to be some interface differences. 

To reflect this the course has been lowered to $7. 

Why not unpublish it completely? We do aim to do that to our older courses soon but so many people have gotten in touch with us asking about them unconcerned with the interface differences that we've decided to keep them available for the time being and give anyone interested a reasonable chance to still get them.

NOTE (This only means it'll no longer be on our storepage for sale, those who have it will always have access)

The support and interest in our courses after all this time absolutely blows us away and we are very grateful! 

Watch a 5-part tutorial going over the entire modeling process of this Sci-Fi icosphere in Blender and Hard Ops. It's an entry-level tutorial, though some basic knowledge of Blender's interface is required before watching this.


Hard Ops is a massively popular paid add-on for Blender which streamlines and enhances the modeling workflow. It’s necessary to follow along.

Maybe it’s actually called an icosidodecahedron? But that’s not a snappy title :)

You Will Get:

• 5 Videos (1440p)

• 40 minutes of step-by-step narration by Rachel

• Hard-ops modeling workflow

• Basic materials and lighting

• Final .blend file (ICOSADODECAHEDRON!) for Eevee, ready to render

Instructor: Rachel Frick

Hi, I'm Rachel Frick and I am a Blender user who loves modeling robots and designing interesting environments.

If you want to follow my art, I have an Artstation, Instagram and Twitter

See what others have to say

Amazing tutorial, Rachel's instructions are very clear and the result is stunning.

— Eris Snail - 3D Artist

Rachel has made a really great hard surface tutorial!

— Daniel Bystedt - Senior Character Artist

Well paced, enjoyable, and informative - always a pleasure to learn from Rachel's artistry! 5/5

— Erindale Woodford - 3D Artist

"Great practical mini-course to get right into the hard-surface modeling fun with the Hard-Ops add-on. I really enjoyed Rachel's clear voice and precise instructions."

— Zach Reinhardt - Founder and Lead Instructor @

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Modeling A Sci-Fi Icosphere In Blender

40 ratings
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