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Modeling A Sci-Fi Icosphere In Blender

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Watch a 5-part tutorial going over the entire modeling process of this Sci-Fi icosphere in Blender and Hard Ops. It's an entry-level tutorial, though some basic knowledge of Blender's interface is required before watching this.


Hard Ops is a massively popular paid add-on for Blender which streamlines and enhances the modeling workflow. It’s necessary to follow along.

Maybe it’s actually called an icosidodecahedron? But that’s not a snappy title :)

You Will Get:

• 5 Videos (1440p)

• 40 minutes of step-by-step narration by Rachel

• Hard-ops modeling workflow

• Basic materials and lighting

• Final .blend file (ICOSADODECAHEDRON!) for Eevee, ready to render

Instructor: Rachel Frick

Hi, I'm Rachel Frick and I am a Blender user who loves modeling robots and designing interesting environments.

If you want to follow my art, I have an Artstation, Instagram and Twitter

See what others have to say

Amazing tutorial, Rachel's instructions are very clear and the result is stunning.

— Eris Snail - 3D Artist

Rachel has made a really great hard surface tutorial!

— Daniel Bystedt - Senior Character Artist

Well paced, enjoyable, and informative - always a pleasure to learn from Rachel's artistry! 5/5

— Erindale Woodford - 3D Artist

"Great practical mini-course to get right into the hard-surface modeling fun with the Hard-Ops add-on. I really enjoyed Rachel's clear voice and precise instructions."

— Zach Reinhardt - Founder and Lead Instructor @

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Modeling A Sci-Fi Icosphere In Blender

40 ratings
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