Dust Particles+

Creative Shrimp
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A real-time procedural particles asset for Blender 3.5.1 and above powered by Geometry Nodes.

There's no need to install as it's not a python add-on. If you're new to Blender's Geometry Nodes then you're in for a treat as it allows us to have all the controls needed ready for you right in the modifier panel.

Easy to use in both Eevee and Cycles. Use simple sliders to control different properties of the 'Particles+’. See tutorial.

FAST, just drop it into your 3d scene and tweak the settings to create dust, shimmering lights or moths doing whatever it is moths do when they get possessed with the wild inspiration of a light bulb. Check price table below for availability (that's what a smart moth would do).

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Dust Particles+

92 ratings
I want this!