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Complete Photogrammetry Course - Pre-orders Begin

Complete Photogrammetry Course available for pre-ordering (limited offer, 22% off). The official release date: December 21st 3pm GMT

Good day to you fine shrimpologists!

Our new Photogrammetry Course: Photoreal 3D with Blender and Reality Capture is available for pre-ordering, 22% off until the official release which is scheduled on December 21st 3pm GMT!

We believe this is the most comprehensive course on photogrammetry at the moment. The course will teach you how to make hyper-realistic 3d assets from photos. And not simply ‘any’ 3d assets, but the ones that are professional and clean and will enhance the realism of your 3d environments, like nothing else.

We can't wait to see the photoreal stuff you will create after enrolling in the course!

p.s. The shrimpological society of 3d proclaims these to be exciting times indeed!

Sincerely caffeinated,
Gleb and Aidy

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Hopefully there will be the unbeatable voice of Gleb! I love his whole speaking and sometimes I just switch on a chapter of Glebs and Aidys Space Tutorial! Its like a good night story for me - as if I were a kid lol! <3

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Feral 3D

Pre-ordering now 0......,0

Last few days of the early release discount! 22% Off

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