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Dust Particles+ Lite (free) & Pro is out now!


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Harrington Day

great addition, many thanks.

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Creative ShrimpCreator

We're looking forward to adding more to it soon too! :)

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Hi Gleb, this looks like an awesome tool. Unfortunately I am not able to pay with paypal at the checkout. Can you activate the Paypal option please?

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Creative ShrimpCreator

Hi! Glad you like the look of it, regarding Paypal we're advising anyone who wants to use Paypal to try getting it via Blender Market where i think it should still be available, things have gotten a little more complicated regarding the Paypal/Gumroad side of things, best summed up in this exchange here : Philip Kiely : So this change is : * More work/complication for creators, reducing Gumroad's #1 value proposition of simple selling * Materially harmful to our revenues * More expensive for creators (in sum, 3.9% + 30 cents vs 3.5% + 30 cents as creators don't get the volume discount that Gumroad does) Sahil Lavingia : yep Philip Kiely : Then why the hell are we doing it? Sahil Lavingia : paypal is forcing us Philip Kiely : oh.

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