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Last few days of the early release discount! 22% Off

Last few days of the early release discount!

Hi there!

We don't want any shrimpologist to miss out on the current early bird discount that we have running.

Currently our new Photogrammetry Course: Photoreal 3D with Blender and Reality Capture is available for pre-ordering, 22% off until the official release which is scheduled on December 21st 3pm GMT!

We're busy finalizing all the content ready for upload, we're crunching pretty hard trying to pack as much value as possible into it. The course will teach you how to make hyper-realistic 3d assets from photos. And not simply ‘any’ 3d assets, but assets designed to be as versatile and visually delicious as possible!

We can't wait to see the photoreal stuff you will create after enrolling in the course!

In fact James Candy from Classy Dog Films has already created a cool remix from some of the pre release assets as seen here...

We dig it! :)

p.s. The shrimpological society of 3d proclaims these to be crunchy times indeed!

Sincerely crunched,
Gleb and Aidy

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