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Procedural Texturing Video Course Out Now!

Early bird discount till the 24th May

This course aims to level up your procedural texturing skills, while taking you step by step, through the journey of building a realistic mossy brick wall shader. With the techniques explored here, you will unlock the power of nodes, enabling you to create countless other materials.

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Luca is a 3D Software Developer, Researcher, and Technical Artist, with over a decade of experience with Blender, and a long term passion for procedural node-based workflows in particular.

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What you’ll learn:

  • A wealth of procedural texturing techniques
  • How to create a realistic procedural mossy wall shader from scratch
  • Procedural texturing workflow
  • The material nodes essentials
  • Pro tips for utilizing the power of nodes in Blender
  • Tips for organizing your node trees and keep your sanity

What's Inside?

  • Video Info: 4.5+ hours, 1920x1080, MP4 format
  • 55+ Videos
  • The full process of creating a realistic mossy wall procedural shader in Blender
  • Tips and tricks of procedural noding
  • Project Files

This course spends most of its time at an intermediate level, but if you do consider yourself a beginner and want to dive in head-first, we've actually got you covered too! There’s nearly 2 hours of specifically beginner targeted content to get you started, though we feel confident that there are many things within those chapters that will surprise even more seasoned node enthusiasts.

See you there, in infinite resolution!

p.s. Early Bird Discount until the 24th May ;)

Sincerely caffeinated,

Gleb, Aidy & Luca


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